We are each uniquely and divinely made.
I love astrology precisely because it shows me just how beautifully organized our Creator created this world and us and how we are always moving, expanding, and being the created and the creator at the same time.  I am no true astrology expert but I am constantly learning more and more. Astrology is more than a list of characteristics or predictions about who you are. I could talk about how the fixed signs are all stubborn and refuse to listen to people’s advice, and yes that would be generally true, but when I post something like that I will usually get other signs telling me that they also resonate with being stubborn. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all. In the delicacy of the way people express their sun signs it is all about how they perceive and therefore react to their environment. It’s subtle, it can’t always be explained by a certain characteristic, it’s so much more complicated and more beautiful than that.
The Aries is not a fixed sign but can be fiercely stubborn when it comes to something they want to do, telling them no or making them wait is just not something they handle well, not when it is something they feel excited and inspired about. If they have something to say and an opinion about something nothing you say will sway them, they’ll ram their head against a wall several times just to break through it and be able to say that they did.
A Taurus is bull headed but in a different way, it’s expressed differently, they just will not budge on their routines, what brings them comfort and what it is they need to feel safe. They have their ways and you will not move them an inch, what is true for them does not change and if they do change a belief, a worry, or a routine you better believe it took some prying of roots right out of the ground to be replanted as soon as possible so they have as little transition time as possible.
A Gemini is stubborn in that they refuse to let you pin them down, they do not want to be defined or controlled, they are definitely more flexible and rarely stick to just one way of being but the way they express stubbornness can be in the way they will never do what you want them to do, they will always want to do the opposite, just because. A Libra is stubborn about certain things because if it throws them off balance they don’t want to hear it, they would rather suffer together than suffer alone so they put up with a lot of crap before admitting that something is not working and finally letting it go.
The other part to this is that every person has every sign within them, and they are expressed more strongly or less strongly based upon the positions of the planets in their charts. No two people are alike and even with the same chart free will dictates that they can and will express these potentialities differently. You can not make the human condition “simple”, you can’t put people in a box and call it a day, You can’t even look at their chart and know who they are completely, and you can’t expect everyone to believe, act, and think the same no matter how much they have in common. Every day is new, every experience adds to the flavors of a human’s expressiveness. We are each uniquely and divinely made and every moment is new. But the Creator put in place a system of energetic laws that allows us to be both unique and different, but compassionate, loving, and co-creative, without suffering, and we reveal this system when people come together with similar intentions to receive, reveal, and create in love instead of pain, hostility, or anger.
Things are always changing and there is not one thing that is consistent across all of humanity except emotion, which is the only universal language. Astrology, science, government, none of these things have been able to be successful across the board in defining, controlling, predicting, or explaining human behavior, there is an exception to every “rule”. Music has been dubbed the universal language but I believe that is because it creates an emotional reaction, and love is love no matter where you look, anger is anger no matter who is feeling it. What is different is what elicits the emotions in people, why,  and how they respond to it. And that cannot be defined consistently across the board for all people.
So be proud of who you are and do not feel like you must fit in, or be defined by any labels or list of characteristics. You are uniquely and divinely created. Respect that and follow your own path and you will see that you do not have to fight to be yourself, you just are, and anyone that opposes you will be weakened in their attempt to try to control you the moment you decide that you cannot be defined by what they want from you. But do welcome challenges and change, change often, encourage change, see every moment as new when you can.  But do not change as a result of fear or beliefs of lack, do it as a result of your desire to expand, create, explore, and love and live more in alignment with who you are and what you want to create.
With Love, Lauren
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