Most of you know that no matter what I am teaching on, JOY is always the foundation of it. I speak a lot about our physical health and wellness and how that correlates to the beliefs and the FEELINGS we hold about ourselves and the world around us. Joy is the highest vibration and is the natural vibration of who we are. So what gives? Why do we have such a hard time acknowledging the joy for our bodies?

The standards by which our bodies incur the negative effects of fear, worry, lack of love for self, and compassion for the state of our health and livelihood is at an all time high. If you spend a lot of time on social media you’ll mostly see that many people are out and about taking pictures of their food to tout either the health benefits of it or the fear based thoughts about how bad it is for us. Nothing about our health industry focuses us on the real avenues for change. It is time to listen to the health and well being of the mind connected to the now moment and harbor the relationship of our true identity with ourselves in this human form so that the choices we make come from Source identity with the food we eat and not just the fear of what might happen.

Fears that teach us to fear what we aren’t doing to feed our bodies well teaches us lack about our ability to choose the foods that bring us joy and having a healthy alignment to the foods that we do choose. Thinking about exercise as a plan of attack on our bodies to get it healthy or trim instead of the joy of what it does for our bodies is another form of fear that we pretend is healthy validated way to lose weight. It usually winds up causing us more harm than good. To understand the limitations of feeling worried about the foods you shouldn’t eat only eliminates toxins from the food but not from the mind. And to obsess over the nutritious food you could eat would never be your choice if you only understood the negative affects of eating it with the fear of lack based thinking about them.

Our health, our DNA is actually affected when we hold onto feelings and beliefs of lack. This is where most illness and dis-ease comes from. Our emotional energy, our vibration actually affects the way our body chemistry acts. This is why prolonged stress often causes illness. When you operate from a feeling of LACK your body is operating at LESS THAN what is was programmed to operate at. It’s like not getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need, love is that necessary to your existence, if you lack love for yourself, your body just can’t perform all of it’s necessary functions. Sooner or later it’s going to break down from running on fumes.

You HAVE to give back to yourself, the self love is even more important than the food you eat or the exercise you do. Love and joy is the energetic equivalent to getting a high nutrient dense diet and regular activity and well balanced sleep. As a matter of fact the energy alignment to love of self must come first and then those things come into alignment naturally. Many of us try to do it backwards and start with the food and diet but never address the energetic awareness of lack we are holding. It can be done, you can change diet and exercise to produce a higher vibration in your body but if it is done in a feeling of negation or distress or forced action that feels negated, it just won’t work long term.

Energy is the foundation of who you are, you are a physical expression of light energy. This body isn’t just a meat suit animated by spirit, our bodies are spiritual energy in physical form. Science on these matters is getting more attention now. We can execute the happiest and healthiest times of our lives just by believing that we are the love of God in a unique expression of physicality. We can communicate with meditation, food, life, and creativity by enacting the spirit within us to execute our highest knowledge.

Our highest knowledge of light is that we are OF the light and we are always WITHIN the light, and that all we need to do is be EXPRESSED as that light and NOT the lack of it, in order to execute more joy and light into the world around us. There is nothing short of a miracle about a body that’s in love with itself to the point of caring for the self so deeply that nothing and no one could ever keep you from believing that you ARE that expression of light and love.

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