Joy is where it’s at, joy is our life purpose, and when we make joy our life purpose then anything that brings us joy can be our mission.  Joy is not something to achieve but it is an awareness.  Meaning that as we decide that joy is what we came to do, we bring that which matches the energy of joy to us.

It doesn’t mean that we have to be bouncing off the walls joyful all of the time.  it’s still a process, it’s still one moment at a time of learning what does resonate with you and what doesn’t. There’s a learning process, and also an unlearning process, things are never perfect and they weren’t meant to be. Frustration and pain are indicators, they’re feelings that tell you something, and when you’re focused on wanting to experience joy, happiness, and abundance the lower emotions are not judgments that you’re bad for feeling them, or deserving of them, they’re just feedback, they’re just pieces of information telling you about the things you are engaging with at the time. Whether that be your own thoughts and beliefs or the people and environment you’re around, the emotion is just an awareness, not a judgment. So it is NOT wrong to have negative emotions, they’re important because they are telling you something needs to change in order for you to feel better. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Defining wholeness and worthiness by how much suffering you experience means bringing more and more suffering to you and less and less joy and happiness.

(Begin channeled message)..
You would then feel bad every time you felt joy because it would seem that if you just wanted to feel good for no reason it was wrong. And you humans have decided that you must have a reason to feel good or you should be doing something to have a reason to feel good. No one can exist by love if they feel they are never deserving of it.

So by connecting with the experience of joy you communicate that love exists for you and within you.

When you disconnect from the feeling that being happy means you are doing something “right” and being unhappy means you are doing something “wrong” then you can experience joy without guilt and painful experiences become nothing more than a way to understand what is occurring in your environment and in your mind, not a judgment of how much more work you have to do.

But a weakened place of love means that fear is connected. If joy is pleasurable it means that joy is something not invited because it would be that which makes you feel like you have to do something to deserve it. And if you feel like you haven’t done something to deserve joy then you can’t feel it without there being pain involved first.

So we send you love and say live from the higher energy that life is connected to joy because it is what you are not because it is something you earn. And when you feel pain remind yourself that it is nothing more than an awareness of what is occurring rather than a lack of something within you.

Work from the emotion that life has more to offer you than just pain from human life, pain from suffering does not mean that you have done something good for yourself, it just means that you did not understand how to communicate with the ability to feel joy without guilt or fear that it would be taken away if you didn’t do enough or suffer enough to deserve it in the first place.

Love is essential to humans, you die without it, and joy is essential to humans, you suffer without it. So we say again, trust that when you feel pain there is another way to do something and not through suffering of what’s causing you pain but rather by identifying what is causing you pain and creating an awareness that you are able to change the pattern or belief or situation that is causing the pain in the first place.

Pain is helpful, suffering is not. Pain is an awareness, not a judgment. Suffering is a judgment that you need pain in order to experience joy. Joy is not the enemy but rather your judgment of joy is keeping you from it.

Live knowing that joyful memories, joyful humans, and JOYFUL communication is the best way to solve any problem or issue of suffering. Suffering only brings more suffering but love brings awareness to suffering through the alignment that no one deserves to suffer and all beings deserve to feel live joy and happiness.

Otherwise why would anyone try to help anyone else? Wouldn’t you let someone suffer if they were meant to suffer? Then why would it make you feel bad to watch someone suffer if suffering was something that they chose? Wouldn’t you have taken their sovereignty from them by saying to them that they don’t need to suffer?

Wouldn’t you tell them they deserved to feel better? Wouldn’t you give them love until they could be lifted? And what if they told you to f*uck off, that their pain and suffering was doing something for them, that they wanted and needed the pain and suffering? Wouldn’t it be hard to change their mind?

Giving them love would only make them more angry a upset because you were trying to take away their choice to suffer. They would be angry at you for giving them love because they were holding onto the belief that they needed pain in order to be better.

This is why not everyone can be helped by loving them and why creating an awareness that pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice is only an awareness that you can only ever believe what you are deserving of. Trusting in the connection of God to relieve you of your pain by going through pain is awareness of an awakened state of suffering, not lightwork. Lightwork brings love, not suffering, Lightwork brings joy, not more pain, and Lightwork creates an awareness that love is who you are already, not an emotion or a vibration to achieve.

Lightwork brings love, not suffering, Lightwork brings joy, not more pain, and Lightwork creates an awareness that love is who you are already, not an emotion or a vibration to achieve.

It is what you are made of, not a frequency to attain. It is what we do as humans, to align with who we are, we align and move towards things that bring us joy, and when something is painful we align with something different. It’s really as simple as that.

Lightworkers unite and trust that God never meant for you to suffer, regardless of what is being told to you, you are deserving and awakened by love, not suffering. Pain is part of the experience of being human but not the goal of being human. The goal is to bring light and love to creation, not fear and suffering.

We love you, we thank you and we are the Pleadian Council of 9. Thank you and good day.