If you are into astrology at all you may be fearing the big bad eclipse in Pisces coming to mess your life up and cause all kinds of drama in order to fix or heal something. Friends, don’t believe the hype. Eclipses usher in change yes, but in a positive way. If something in your life is being highlighted in the negative right now just understand it’s not happening so you can go through a painful lesson. All that is happening is that the Universe is showing you where in your life you need to bring more compassion and love and respect for yourself. It is showing you what isn’t working for you so that with full faith in God and in love you can take action to do something BETTER for you. Whether that’s on old behavior pattern or habit that is asking to be changed, a relationship that isn’t really working out, or a belief about yourself that is affecting you negatively this is an opportunity to bring light and love to the situation. If you look at the eclipse as the positive thing it is then you will benefit in amazing ways. Fear and resistance to these positive energies will cause suffering. If you find yourself in this place, try a little self compassion or self care or turn to someone that can provide those energies for you and encourage you.