Hallo peeps. I just wanted to pop a message in here very quickly to tell you a little about my experience working with Lauren Antuofermo. Lauren has been mentoring me for a few weeks now. I am totally blessed to be able to do this. But the question is what exactly led me to Lauren?

I was stuck. Stuck stuck stuck. I was not moving forward in my abilities and I was just not able to see the wood for the trees.

A lightworker friend recommended I do the Body of Light program because of the amazing shifts that took place in her life through this course plus providing her with a solid support system in which to make them.

I toodled off, googled Lauren’s website and after reading about her services decided I was not prepared to wait until November to start. Klaar. I made a plan then and there and decided to go the private mentoring route. Many aspects of the Body of Light program are built into my program, in fact there is a big overlap. And PEOPLE, I cannot even begin to explain to you the dissolution of belief patterns that are happening.

My mediumship mentor has noticed a shift in my abilities, my confidence has grown, I have released fear of judgement and jumped up to do Live readings in the Lab Lightroom. It takes both time and compassion to shift and given this loving supportive community in which to do so, good Lordie miracles happen.

Am I now a kick ass reader? No. Am I now a perfect communicator for spirit? No. Do I have the potential to be? YES. If you had asked me that a few weeks back I would have said “mebbe”. I now feel a balanced connection to universal consciousness, I have the tools to realign myself in an instant, I am braver, I am more courageous, and have newfound compassion for myself.

So, long story short, if you can make the investment, sign up. You will not regret it.


When I began The Body of Light program with Lauren I had already been working one on one with her on my channeling. Though she told me everything was in place for my speech channeling to begin it wasn’t happening for me and I felt stuck. At the beginning of the BOL program I was listening and journaling all the information Lauren was teaching and felt that I was absorbing it and understanding it yet at first I didn’t see changes. I had worked through much of my compounded negative personal experiences on my own but there still needed to be a shift that I couldn’t have made without this program. Change takes time. The Source energy that works through her to everyone is subtle but powerful. As I progressed I found that an inner understanding was growing and it was coming to the surface of my mind throughout my days. I began to feel and know the connection of my body to the Earth and to Spirit in a tangible way. Everything got clearer to me and as that was happening the residual fear and pain faded further back to a place that I can barely notice anymore. I also began to speech channel during this time. Sure there are still emotional triggers but through the BOL program I’ve learned how to handle them with loving compassion for myself. Knowing without a doubt that I am a divine being of light, greatly loved and supported by Mother Earth and Father God. That the Universe conspires to assist me in every way and that I am worthy of receiving the abundance that Source has for me. There is a power working with and through Lauren that is rarely found and I am forever grateful that I was led to her for it has made a lasting difference in my life.


This class was truly LIFE CHANGING. I still re-listen to the recordings because as my vibration continues to rise, I receive new revelations and transmissions from them whenever I feel led to go refresh my consciousness. What I learned here is literally the foundation of my well-being. I’m more receptive and abundant than I could have ever imagined before taking BOL. I finally love myself, I appreciate my human form and my human life. My intrinsic power has been unlocked and is flourishing. I have returned to love because of BOL. ❣️ Lauren is all love and above when it comes to her vibration; she is a truly a spiritual master and her guidance is of the highest and best divine frequency for all beings. ??? You can receive this Gaia/Source frequency for yourself when you take the BOL class. She literally teaches you how to be tapped in, tuned in and turned on to Source completely on your own as we are ALL abundant receivers. Once you’re attuned to the higher frequencies that are your birthright to BE, it’s upward and onward from there.

Jessica J

I struggled with destination addiction for my entire adult life (without realizing that’s what it was) until I took Lauren Antuofermo’s Body of Light course. That course helped me understand why I physically felt unwell most of the time- constant anxiety, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, etc. I was really unwell emotionally and spiritually because I felt like my life hasn’t turned out how I pictured it would or “should” be. I also suppressed a lot of feelings to make other people feel comfortable. After Lauren’s course I’ve done a ton of hard (uncomfortable) work on myself and realized I am a maj people pleaser. Letting that go has been absolutely life changing and I’m in such a better place- better boundaries, more selfcare, and letting go of other people’s expectations for my career and personal life (it’s unsettling how many people are concerned about whether I find a man to marry). Anyway…just feeling grateful and happy in this moment. Thank you, Lauren!!!


Lauren Antuofermo really does give you the tools, through her awesome channeling of the Angels, to really learn to love yourself. To love your essence, your body, your light. She does it all with love. It’s easy, and there is a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I am forever changed, in the best possible way, by this program. Forever grateful, all my love, Kimmie. Xo


I took Lauren’s recent “Body Of Light” course & I have to say, this is 1 of the BEST courses, I’ve ever had the honor & privilege of taking Re: content, over & waaaay beyond value for the time Lauren will personally invest in YOU , her availability, the content, the personal attention to the needs of Yourself & the Group as a whole, as well as, You’ll learn the tools & techniques that I guarantee, You’ll use EVERY single day, for the rest of your life!!!

Ever since taking this course; everything Lauren promised that we would attain by the end of her 6 week course, has happened!

I’m a Chronic Pain sufferer & have been for years. Since taking her course, my pain has been helped immensely & that in itself has been indescribable due to the massive improvement in my quality of Life! The reason for this is, Lauren teaches in this course, the specific tools, that I needed, to help relieve & help alleviate the pain.

Also, I’m sooooo beyond elated because Lauren also promised by the end of the 6 week “Body Pf Light” course, we would be able to connect with & know who are Guides & Angels are!

I could NOT believe this but by the 3rd week in, I could do this!!! Ever since then, I hear My Guides ALL THE TIME!!!! And because of this, The Guidance I’ve received, has lead me in the right direction sooooo many times lately! This alone, receiving the ability to hear them, has been priceless!

Lauren has also made herself available numerous times during the course for “office hours”. This office hours lead to us all meeting, Lauren answering a specific question or any question, 1 of us might’ve had in this course; but what transpired each & every time was, the information was sooooo helpful & applicable to each & every single 1 of us!

We all quickly, became & still are, a Loving Family or as We quickly named it, “Our Soul Family”!

I also took advantage of the private, 1-1 sessions with Lauren, that she offered to our group, @ a reduced rate. What Lauren helped me achieve in a few of these sessions, again? Indescribable, priceless & the BEST $$$, I’ve ever spent on myself!

I’ve also learned about Self-Love, & soooooo many other tools & techniques, that I will be using for the rest of my Life!

I strongly urge You; take Lauren’s “Body Of Light” course when it’s offered again!

It will be the best investment You’ve EVER MADE Re:, Personally, Spiritually, Self-Discovery & fine-tuning Your Gifts, Your Self-Love & sense of Self-Worth & the ONLY thing You will lose, is any FEAR you may have!

Believe me, I will say this AGAIN & AGAIN, BEST thing I EVER did for myself, taking Lauren’s course! Ever Most Sincerely,


I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to the lovely and highly connected Lauren Antuofermo of Soulful Transformations. I started working with Lauren last year and now do regular monthly sessions for personal/professional growth and spiritual alignment. Working with her has been life-changing and for me, the ideal balance for my hectic work-life and my soul passion, working with Spirit. I highly recommend you look her up and see where she can add value for you! Blessings, AVO


I had the privilege of getting an Akashic Records Reading done with Lauren Antuofermo, and it has already changed my life in many different ways!

Lauren’s readings are powerful because they come from the space of Higher realms where there’s nothing but pure, unconditional Love. I was buzzing with energy throughout the reading because of the pure source energy radiating from Lauren.

Knowing which realms I have sparked from ; who am I as an Oversoul; what is my soul urge is a powerful knowledge which has completely changed my perspective.

Before this reading I always believed that we are Souls living a human existence ; but this reading has turned that belief into an identity. Now I know exactly why I have always been passionate about certain things/ qualities all my life; why do I seek inspiration from nature, and why do I carry certain beliefs. It all aligns to the divine qualities of my oversoul.

I know exactly why my oversoul chose to be born on the date I was born on, what lessons is it here to learn and how am shining my light in this lifetime.

The clearing Lauren gave me during the session was so uplifting that it actually dissolved the fear of driving I was carrying for the past 15 years of my life following a NDE. I am ever so grateful to you Lauren ?

I deeply resonated with one of my significant lifetimes Lauren brought forward during the reading; and now I understand why manifesting abundance comes so naturally to me.

Lauren also shared some of the knowledge I was keen to explore after my reading and I was touched by her authenticity and beauty of her soul. I am ever so grateful to you Lauren for sharing your light with me ?

You are a beautiful soul inside out and the energy you radiated during the reading made me feel that I was touched by an angel.

Much Love … T