I was writing today about the current energy we are in and I had in my mind a desire to help those that are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and frustratingly apart from their sense of well being. But my own awareness was focused on the imagined pain and suffering that we might be in, I wanted to express how to release fear and unworthiness, but the Hathors came in and perfected the intention with teaching us how it is that we are ALREADY worthiness and I realized that it is our own conscious awareness of who we truly are and the Light of Love that exists in every cell of our being that makes us the Lightworker that we are and the expression of that light is up to every human being. The more we see the less we know, your only guide post is the signaling of your heart towards the emotional awareness of light that is being created just by your very existence, this is the truth of God and the awareness of Source within each of us. Enjoy the transmission and the energy it entails, for it was meant to be a creative expression of the divine nature of all that is and when you read the words pay attention to the flutters of your heart, it might tell you when you’ve hit upon a piece of truth that your inner being resonates with. Thank you for reading and follow me on Facebook for more!
Balancing the heart is the best way to feel deserving of the answers and peace that you are asking for. Once you remind yourself that the love you are seeking lies within your ability to feel the desire for yourself to live in the well being of love, then you notice that you are always in the well being of love because you could never survive without the primal ingredient of living from the Source within you. Which is always the light of love begging to be received by the experience of the mind and created by the physical presence of your body revealing the choices of love in the things you pay attention to.
And the things you pay attention to are the things, people, and places that you spend your time in. Remember to include the daily mantra of the I am experience and you will always know that the “I am” experience is the one that you are in right now. No matter what you are doing take the time to write down three very relevant things about you that make you feel deserving of love.
And then rip it up by exclaiming that the reason you are deserving of light is because you chose love to expand in and those things that you wrote down are only things that were created as a result of you BEING the love you think you deserved. And so if you ARE love how could there be a lack of deserving of it? Get it? The things that make you think you are already worthy of light are the things that tell you that you created those things based upon you BEING the light, and so when you do good things or things that make you feel good it is because you bring your consciousness to them as a being of light.
Then the light within you makes them Source energy which then reveals that the point of attraction you are always in is the point of light energy that you came from, which is always serving you at the highest realm of existence and preparing you for what comes next, which is only another extension of the light of your conscious experiments here on earth and the joyfulness that remains when you know you created something that reveals the light of your heart!
You are the desire of God to express itself in love and you are the compassionate view of what is being manifested because you are the one that desired it in the first place.
Once you know yourself to be the creator of your own existence you will know the truth of light as if it were the thing you came to become and not the thing you are trying to get back to.
You ARE the creatOR in physical form and you are the creatED In the most magnificent way you are both the work of the divine and the work doing the divine.
Pay attention to your state of happiness and revel in the objective desire to maintain the joy of living and you might find yourself more on the road to well being that you ever thought possible.
Learn to accept your emotional state and value it as a clue to where you are on the emotional journey toward love and the creation of your goals and dreams, and you will never berate yourselves again for not being happy, you will just attune yourself to the knowing that whatever it is that is making you feel unworthy of what you desire is just a moment away from being the things of the past as long as you revel in the creative process of becoming who you are and believing that you were created by God and received in love and believed to be the light of the world that you came here to reveal!
Thank you and we are the Hathors, your friends and Guides of Light are so very proud of you and wish to encompass all you ever dreamed possible so that you know you were once a thought in the creator’s mind and today you exist in his full view of Source energy that you are now a part of and integrating at a higher level than ever before, thank you and Good Day!