Message of the Day – Jan 10, 2018

“To object to abundance is to fear the energy of not having it.” -AA Ariel

Every morning I have what my guides have called a “vibrational breakfast of champions”.  (I love this term for it!) I get quiet and start opening up to the guidance of the Archangels and my Spirit Guide team.  It’s a great way to start the day by the way! Whether you can channel your guides directly through speech the way I do, writing down the intuitive answers or messages you get, or just spending time connecting to your heart and the love of your team, this practice can set your whole day for love!

So anyway, back to the point of today’s message.  This morning my guides asked me how I wanted to feel, they asked me what I wanted to know about the spiritual business relationship I have with the universe and they asked me to understand the energy from which I was coming from.  They said, “If you come from the energy of knowing that you are already the alignment of what you want to create, then nothing you do is out of alignment with the source within you, and you will know right away that the way you WANT to feel is the best way to create the money you desire.”  In other words as I create my desire I should feel the energy of it, I should go into the mirror and say “I am abundant, I am creative, and I am balanced in the way that I conduct my business. I give myself time off to enjoy life in a way that makes me happy and am able to put forth the effortlessness of having a business that makes money and allows me to have time off to spend with friends and family.”  This is exactly the way I want to feel, but going into panic about it and worrying that I am not there yet or that if I take a break from work, that my energy will go south, and my business will fail, is like setting up a pot of gold and saying, well now that it is overflowing I can’t have what I want because it’s too much goodness for me to really have.

What I’m really trying to say is that when we come from fear about not having a thing, then that fear takes us from the love of creating the thing we want to the pain of not having it. And when you know yourself to be a human being that was made to be abundant in the world then you know that anything less than abundance is fear of lack instead hope for creation.  Then anything you say you can’t have is the exact reason you’re not getting it. The only way to get yourself out of the energy of believing that you are restricted in the manifestation of what you want is to go back to the feeling that caused you to have the desire for it in the first place.  Then you find out that abundance is less about the way you feel when you make the money, but more about the way you feel when you had the desire to create the business in the first place.  Or maybe it’s just about having the ease of money, so you can feel good about the things you want to do in your life.

Regardless of why, the way to have more is to communicate with the love of having it, and the way to make more is to create the abundance of knowing that it is already yours, and the way to seek more is to enjoy the process of discovering it in your daily life.

So, when we talk about the energy of manifestation it’s not about making something happen, but more about allowing the feeling to create the abundance for you and moving in that direction rather than the feeling of worry or anger about not having it.  So, when my guides gave me that quote this morning, they were making me aware of the fact that when I fear not having what I want I am objecting to the abundance that it is already happening for me. And when I close my eyes to the abundance that I already have then I create obstacles to having what I want in the ways that I had imagined for myself.  And when I can contribute more joy to the way that I feel then I can create from that joy the matching alignment to what it is I am joyful about in my life.  And that is the way we work on this plane of existence.

Love is always going to be the way things move, become, create, and shift in the world. Anything less than that will always cause the obstacles.  But the obstacles are not what we came for, they are the joy of the manifestation that began this process in the first place.  Meaning the obstacles came before the desire, and the desire became the joy of creation, and the creation became the joy of being, and the being became the joy of having, and the joy of having created abundance in the world and therefore the more we enjoy the having of the thing the better the experience of gratitude. Then having the thing becomes less about producing more, and more about having less and loving more.

Well, I hope that makes sense! Have a great day! And remember that God is an energy of light that is present within each and every one of us and is also the omnipresent being of joy that allows all of creation to manifest in the ways that it desires.  It is the ever-loving, all-knowing aspect of Source creation and the word God, that allows us to be the humans we are, living in a world of such creative alignment that nothing we do could ever go south in such a way that God would believe us to be unworthy of anything.  The only thing we have to do is love, and love will be enough to make the world go round.  Thank you and good day!

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