Neptune transits mark specific routes on your road map to life. It has an affect of leading you to do inner work on your beliefs, expectations, dreams, and disillusionments. Here are the major transits and ages that they occur.

At age 27 Neptune is sextile your natal Neptune. You will feel a draw to retreat from the world. You might not like what you see and are afraid to push the boundaries of what others see in you. You may want to move against the grain and become even more productive in society, causing you to go into a quarter year crisis or leave you feeling empty, like no one is worth paying attention to so you might as well escape reality. The pressures of being in a society that has not yet understood your generation and how it can help can cause you to create scenarios that aren’t true, like nothing is worth doing because your values are so at odds with the rest of the world. This period of time also prepares you for Saturn return, pushing you to “grow up” and take responsibility for your life. It’s a time where you create boundaries between your former friendships and people that were only there for the party and now you are contemplating the seriousness of life and how to handle it. Most people will feel constricted in their lives but you can still handle it with a great attitude if you are focused on yourself and not what others feel about you.

At 41 or 42 Neptune squares your natal Neptune. This is a time when the spiritual subjects that you have been questioning your whole life start to become disillusioned with who you are. You may ask yourself if you can trust your spiritual attributes or intuition or if you are being fed a bunch of BS.

“Disillusionment with a relationship, mentor, or spiritual leader, or even career.” – April Elliot Kent

You may want to ask yourself why you were blindly following a belief or leader or if you are fooling yourself. This isn’t a time to cling onto anyone’s system but discover your own. When this transit is over you should feel more competent in who you are and how to use discernment in your spirituality, faith, or unrealistic expectations about people in your life. You may be disappointed that your leaders or important relationships just couldn’t hold the glass of water for that long. No one needed to hold it for you and you become less inclined to blindly trust the faith that you grew up with or the people that burdened you with it. You will find that some of them are just not who they say they are OR that they are also flawed and do not hold up to your expectations. You find your own path after doubting everything. Your intuitive senses take on a different flavor and you might be receiving mixed messages from others. This is to help you define your own beliefs and put your faith on a road map to inner faith rather than blind leading the blind.

Age age 55 you will have Neptune Trine to your Natal Neptune. This is when your perspective about your dreams and goals must face the reality that some things were accomplished and some things weren’t. You tend to take the past with a grain of salt and use the information that you gained as valuable information for what might be healing to the dreams and goals you didn’t accomplish. You accept more of your own spiritual path and it might be something that pushed you to totally change your mind about what you have believed and want to try new things. You might want to explore, travel, or find other faiths that can give you insight that your older self can handle criticism better now. You aren’t so stuck in your beliefs and it can help you let go of what didn’t work out in your favor. At this point many men will figure out their life story and accept that their job isn’t the only thing about their lives that made a difference. They might become more appreciative of family and/or friends that they let go because of too much responsibility. For women this means that they will explore their own time lines with a sense of reverence about what was lost. They might find new meaning in hobbies or traits in themselves that they suppressed in their younger years trying to please everyone else.

– Inspired by the book Astrology Transit by April Elliot Kent

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