There is something that we don’t talk about a lot as energetically sensitive people.  There are hundreds of factors that contribute to people’s individual physical make-up; their metabolism, lean tissue mass, fat tissue mass, diet, daily exercise, water balance, genetics, societal influences, environmental factors, etc…  The most influential of all of these factors? Vibration.  YES I said, it! Even with my years of education in Science, certifications, experience, and personal struggles with weight, vibration is the most important of these and can literally influence how all of the other factors work.

When I read the experiments on water and rice of Dr. Emotos, or others who have used food to see the effects of words and emotions that get assigned to them I am reminded that everything is energy.  So if words and emotions can cause a physical change to the food and water we drink, wouldn’t the energy of what we believe about the food, or what we say about ourselves and our bodies also have an effect on our physical form?  Answer is YES! That is why there is absolutely no consensus in the scientific community about what is the end all be all perfect diet for every human being. There are literally thousands of diet programs and weight loss solutions out there all claiming to be the best one for health and weight management. Not only that but every year the consensus of what works and what doesn’t work changes in one way or another. By no means am I saying that science is wrong or isn’t useful, I am just pointing out that there is something that doesn’t get considered, and that is our emotional alignment and belief systems.

Let’s take a look at the way we feel about our bodies and what we are saying to ourselves about what we eat.  If you are like most people, you are always having some type of narrative about what your body looks like and what it is lacking, or what there is that shouldn’t be there. In other words, rejecting the body you have now and wishing that there was some way to cut off parts of you and mold it into the shape you want it to be.  So, each time you look in the mirror you are looking for what is there that is wrong and how it could be better than it is.  It is the rare human being that looks into the mirror (of our society anyway) and says “I really like the way I look today” and moves on about their day.  We spend a lot of time prepping, conditioning, experimenting, trying, and re-arranging the way we look with hair products, skin care, clothes, etc. Shampoo and conditioner has a complete section in the supermarket that takes up at least a full isle and sometimes two.  That is a whole section for one part of our body alone.  Drugstores are mostly made up of our makeup options and material goods like the milk and medicines are located at the back of the store.  We are presented with the most important thing to us as soon as we go into the store, the toiletries and make-up. Telling us what?  That we need to change something about ourselves and we need money, visuals, and products to do it. We need something to make-up for what we lack is the unspoken energy that we feel.  We have forgotten that we are already whole as we are and that beauty is a matter of affection for the self rather than the subjugation of our looks.

The food we eat is present in so many abundant ways as well, that we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and figure out what to do with the options that are presented to us.  There is so much noise about what is good for us and what isn’t, that we finally give up and then blame our lack of ambition or self restraint any time we eat anything that isn’t a vegetable.  Vegetables are now on the chopping block too because too many have been vilified by “carbs” or by the chemicals that are used when growing them.  We are now worried that the preservatives in food are going to keep our bodies way too preserved after we die because it is unnatural not to decompose in a timely manner and that must mean it is making us sick. Preservatives in food have saved many people from dying of hunger to be honest.  Many of the advances in food and the way processing has allowed more people to live longer, have access to affordable foods, and increase their life expectancy must be considered before vilifying everything that has been advanced over the years.  Of course there are some practices that can be improved, for the processing has taken over common sense in some instances.

We are also comparing ourselves to those who eat diets full of sugar and fat, and trying to figure out the best way to enjoy a cupcake without feeling as if we are horrible, unmotivated, and selfish people with no will power or self control.  It’s all more fear to control the masses.  Have you been clued in yet to how we are responding to the very food that keeps us physically sustained and is important to our survival and, not the least of which is our ENJOYMENT?  We are fearful every time we eat!  The more fear you can inject into people’s every day lives the more we can make money off of them because money is seen as a lack as well, and so we must use selling tactics and fear based advertising techniques so that you’ll buy our products and keep you in fear about the other options in front of you.  It’s not the conscious intention of all people but fear sells, even better than sex, and boy have we got a ton of fear going on about everything we consume. It’s overkill and it’s time to renew our faith in our own bodies and our own consciousness to understand that vibration is the number one reason that everything exists and the energy of what we believe in comes true as the experience of our lives.

The work of our hearts is to be joyful and the inundation of fear into our bodies and health is more aligned towards the vibration of what we don’t want rather than the energy of what we do want.  In other words, it’s time to feel good and it’s about time that we took back our health and responded to the needs of our individual bodies without regretting every mouthful of birthday cake or fearful of every candy coated chocolate piece we’ve put in our mouths.  We must also remember that food is an enjoyable experience and that when we can remember that we respond with more love to what we do and we can automatically follow the cues that our body was programmed to give us.  We do not need a diet plan to tell us what to eat and we do not need to follow a horrific schedule of grueling work outs unless that just happens to be your thing. Many of us would do just fine with walking on a regular basis and utilizing out bodies in more creative and natural ways without worrying about getting a workout in and creating a sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day.

You have got to come back from the feeling that unless you are monitoring every morsel that you ingest with fierce scrutiny and criticism then you are doing damage to your body.  The words you speak about yourself have a lot to do with the way your body reacts to the food and diet that you are using.

In order to do this on a regular basis, to gain the knowledge of having your body be the tuning fork of what works for you and what doesn’t, you must begin with the negative belief systems of what you think you lack.  You have got to come back from the feeling that unless you are monitoring every morsel that you ingest with fierce scrutiny and criticism then you are doing damage to your body.  The words you speak about yourself have a lot to do with the way your body reacts to the food and diet that you are using.  If you believe that the food you eat is crap, not only will your body treat it as crap but you will find that the food becomes more and more a part of your diet because you are focused on it.  You will also avoid foods that feel better in your body and would encourage you to eat with enjoyment and balance because it would just feel shameful or useless.  You might also find yourself overly restrictive and then binging when you have had enough of the painful awareness of lack in your diet, which equates to the feeling lack about YOU.

There IS a way to eat that doesn’t feel like the work of a full time job and there are plenty of people who eat mindfully and are healthier than an ox, (or so the saying goes).  It must come from a balance of thoughts about what you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself.  If you sit down to eat and regret the choices you make but eat anyway you are sitting in a frequency of negation and fear.  The worries that come with regretting your food choices become the fat or illness that create pain in the body. Either through exercise and diet or the worries of too much sugar and fat in your food, you are still coming from a place of fear and anxiety.   But the energy and intention of eating in enjoyment would be the totality of what would be good for you as well as what isn’t going to be good for you. Meaning, the likelihood of you eating in full joy and awareness and then making choices that would harm you would be slim to none.

You might find yourself losing weight from not eating as many calories as you need, but the existence of keeping the weight off after a period of extreme lack is very low, and that is something science does confirm.  The existence of any fear while you eat must begin to fade away.  As you learn how to eat with more joy you will understand the cues of your body and you will be open to eating foods that will encourage more feelings of joy for you without guilt and without feeling like the food you eat has to be of a certain health or caloric value.  You will eat naturally for the body size you want to be and for the makeup of your body, which might need more protein than others or less sugar than others.  Either way, the process of understanding that not only do you have a choice in the way you treat your body and the vibration of which you consume your food, but you have the distinct knowledge of what is best for you right in the palm of your hand.

Your emotional and physical form will always alert you to what feels best to you and that is a direct result of learning how to use the natural system that we were born with.  The intuitive senses that we have, have been ridiculed and dis-empowered by popular belief systems. The scientific method teaches us that we must prove it first to know that it’s true and so our intuition and inner knowing is not to be trusted, only objective observation (others telling you what is real) can be trusted. Although science has been able to give us so much, it too has it’s biases. We are also taught through fear based belief systems of others that we would all become insane over indulgent criminals with no morals if someone did not tell us what was right and what was wrong.   We began to believe what others told us about our abilities, worthiness, and identity. So although we were born with the tools we need to make healthy, loving, decisions for ourselves we’ve been taught that we can’t trust it, and to fear the outside world. In many cases our experience taught us that if we did listen to our own senses we were punished for it, made to feel bad about it, told we were wrong because it didn’t align with what someone else thought to be true, and we were rejected.  We were taught to fear listening to that inner knowing because it would get us in trouble or make us “bad”.  So we’ve all learned to see our bodies as imperfect and even sinful, incapable of self control. We are told that food is poison, too much, too little, good bad, etc… so much so that we have anxiety about one of the main things we need to survive as a human, eat!  We must be able to take back our own power of discernment and relay the fact that with the choices we have, we ARE able to make the decisions that are best for us. We must re-learn what we already know to be true, that through our heart alignment, we have the knowledge, the awareness, and the natural discernment to make healthy loving choices for ourselves.

The energy, emotions, and vibration that we have when we eat, and what we believe about the food we eat, directly relate to the way it affects us physically.  If you understand that listening to your body doesn’t mean that you get rid of anything that you actually might enjoy eating, and that it is possible to enjoy foods without feeling as if you are needing to control the amount and the type of food you eat, then you are on your way to freedom and health, not to mention the body size that is healthiest and most fit for you.

If you want to learn more you can check out my YouTube videos on the Body of Love, or consider the “Body of Love” personal coaching I offer for those that want guidance in learning how to get back to their natural state of health and wellness.