Choosing the Path of Love in the New Year

How you can prosper by hooking into the light of what you want rather than the baggage of what you’re trying to let go of

I worry, doubt myself, and procrastinate, there I said it. I have been trying to let go of this habit for YEARS, I mean, I put it on my list of things to do but damn if it doesn’t always somehow get back to the bottom of the list! Seriously though, I know you know what I’m talking about, that one thing you do, that you’ve been trying to change, get rid of, or heal for years but somehow keeps showing up in your face, telling you how bad at life you are. You’ve listened to all the self-help people, all the books, and all the teachers who seem to have it all together and here you are just trying to have a day where you don’t feel like your negative patterns are eating you alive.  Well, beating yourself up every time they show up certainly isn’t going to help, believe me, I know from experience.

I found myself in one of these old patterns yesterday, all ramped up for what I wanted to create and then couldn’t relax enough to get it done.  Be in my joy my guides say, follow your bliss as all the social media posts declare empathically, (including mine). When I channel my guides and angels their message is consistent:

“You ARE light, you came here to create in Love, and the way to do that is by compassion for the hell you’ve been through and the alignment of love for what it is you want to create in JOY”

Everything I teach and bring through from my channeled partners in Spirit has this same consistent message and yet brilliantly they come up with new ways of communicating and transmitting these messages to me so I can interpret them using my unique set of words, ideas, examples, and experience. I can FEEL this message, I KNOW it to be true because I have lived and experienced its truth in my own life steadily, increasing more and more in its validation and proof over the past few years. But I still slip into fear-based thinking and thoughts at times.

And when I do, HOW is the question I default to. HOW do I get to love and feeling good? The answer always seemed to be, focus on a problem and take it apart until we find the cause and then do something to prevent that cause from ever happening again.  Sounds logical, doesn’t it?  It does until you realize that type of logic is from a fear-based paradigm of thought. We think to ourselves “Something bad has happened and now I must learn the cause of it so I never have to experience it again”. We start pointing fingers, and for most of us, it’s either right at ourselves for not being good enough or at the state of the world or the conditions around us. We want to DO something about it, in our desperation to get out of the negative feeling we say “Just give me a protocol, an answer, a pill, a fix, tell me why I’m bad and what to do about it and I’ll make sure I don’t do it again. I will earn the feeling of being good enough again so the bad thing won’t happen to me. Or tell me who or what is to blame so I can fight against it and attack it, I and prevent it from happening again.”

The protocols, medications, fixes, and more can indeed help, but you have to get out of the fear-based motivation first and into the love because that is where the true solution is. The solution is the love, the love that attracts the tools to assist us, and it’s that vital step that determines if our actions truly will work for us or if they are just another desperate attempt to deny ourselves love and control conditions until we’ve earned feeling safe and rewarded for our efforts. Let me explain.

What if the answer is not in preventing the bad thing from happening, or earning our way out of the negative experiences, but rather it’s in the way we treat ourselves when we are in that pattern?

After having a sort of “revisiting of patterns” yesterday afternoon, my mind immediately recognized what was happening, but I went into panic mode.  I wanted to meditate my way out of it, visualize until I no longer felt anything else, I wanted to work my way through the problem and just be done with it, rationalize it, and tell myself how wrong I was for being in that pattern again.  I was trying to attack it, figure it out.  And it left me with a massive tension headache and a short bout of feeling sorry for myself.

This morning I woke up and almost started right in again, going into meditation with an attitude of curing this latest reactivated perceived flaw in my personality. I took a break though, I stepped back and realized that all I was doing was diving back into the problem with a sense of desperation of needing to fix myself.  I did next what my guides have so often asked me to do, pay attention to my emotions and even begin writing about them, so I took out an old journal. In it, I found an entry that was from my guides probably a year ago or more. It said “Following the choice to operate from fear or love.  The right path for me will be based in love, it feels motivating, easier.  Plan for your life so that includes and involves your talents, interests, and joys.  The wrong path for me will feel fear based, if I am trying to convince others, negate others, or fight others I am in the wrong direction.  You know you’re in fear-based thinking or action because it is difficult to maintain and gives constant frustration”.  Then I turned to another page and it said: “Feeling better is not about the reduction of fear but rather the improvement of light”.  And that is when the figurative lightbulb went off, pun intended.

I took to an ease about what I was feeling and why, my attention immediately turned AWAY from what was wrong with me and what I had to fix, to what it was I was actually in need of.  I started aligning to my guides in a clear and abundant way.  Their messages were encouraging and shifted my vibration from feeling down, heavy, and distracted to feeling encouraged, hopeful and aligned. I wasn’t needing to get rid of my procrastination or my doubt but I was needing to fill myself up with love for what I wanted to create in my life, and validation for the things I have already created.  Instead of looking for the prescription for what I needed to do to get rid of my negative feelings and patterns I looked for the thing that would encourage my joyous feelings after acknowledging that my pain and doubt was asking for LOVE, not criticism.

As soon as I got into the love, the tasks and projects at hand seemed less daunting, less anxious and more fun.  My work and the things I wanted to create seemed like joyous possibility instead of things I had to be “good enough” to create. My procrastination wasn’t because I am lazy and undisciplined but it was because I was denying myself the very thing I needed in order to be in alignment with the projects and things I wanted to take action on, love and joy. My to-do list, projects, and more are now smiling at me and my procrastination stopped telling me how bad at life I am and said: “Thank you for acknowledging me, now do tha damn thing girl and have fun!”.