Well Good Day loved ones! It has been energetically an important week of upgraded energy being transmitted to earth and although that may seem like a lot of information coming from someone who is always talking about the inclusion of earth always being upgraded with the influence of Source we have had a lot interactive elements going on with other planetary influences.
The idea being that we as a planet are moving ahead in time lines to create miracles and abundant futures. The only thing left here to do is to contemplate the ideology of new information rather than repeated projects of old timelines which create lack and fuse with the numerous beings of light that are here to contemplate new structures of living on earth and bring in the light codes of our DNA structures by living the truth of existence here on earth realm.
It is without doubt that many of you go into sleep mode and bring back with you coded information that you unlock daily in your lives. You become the thoroughbred of information here on earth because of your willingness to bring forth the light codes and energy attunements that it takes to anchor these codes into existence. The way back from the pain cycles of the past are upgrading themselves to a newer reality and so when we said to you that the future is a place of your new abundant future we say that it is in the now that it is created.
All you have to do is to tune into the messages that you have created on earth with one another and then learn to accept the codes as you repeatedly return to grace. The way to return to the graceful opportunistic values of earth realm is to remember the Source within you is so proud to call you beings of light and that you are remembered at every turn of your life to be that which you call graceful alignment to the truth of abundance and joy on earth.
The way out of fear is to contemplate the idea of your worthiness on a daily basis and trust that the guidance you receive from the energy of abundant clarity and joy is the best way to manifest a future that has less problems to mount and conquer and more opportunity for the abundant future you wish to have. The way out of pain is to include your emotions about it and we will revisit the issues of emotions and the way to perceive them as truth rather than the fear of what they might make you feel.
There is one way to keep up the joy in your life and that is by including the vibration of light and love in everything you do. For a while it has been obvious to you that there have been upgraded light frequencies delivered to you by your manifestation of love for these upgraded elements. The idea is to bring these truths back with you from Source to the existence of the earth realm. When you get in contact with the Source within you you prepare for the light frequencies to emerge as wholeness rather than painful fears of what happens when you don’t hold the light of consciousness within you.
There is nothing to fear for although many would say that the planet is emerging against humanity it is actually creating wellness in the form of abundant compassionate futuristic wells of light from which mankind can emerge successfully.
For the time being these upgraded elements will take place in your formlessness and then it emerges as spiritual truths, while it incubates in the memory of your cellular structure you begin to feel the upgraded elements taking place in your bodies and you fuse with the light codes so that your bodies and your minds start to become clear with the intention of Source.
This is the way of the light beings who have come to assist the world in creating wellness and shifting from the third dimensional structure to the fourth dimensional awakening and then the shift to the highest realm of physicality, the truth of living in a time space reality that provides for all the needs of those living in it.
With the incumbent future at hand we bid you fairest light creative force and clarity on your next steps. As a human kind races to the finish of their development we are created in love and give you our support along the way. We are the 9th dimensional frequencies of the Archangelic realm and we have your backs. Thank you and good day.


Lauren Antuofermo is a teacher of Spiritual Law as it applies to our earth realm existence and uses the guidance of those who are here to assist in our manifestation abilities. Traveling amongst the stars to connect with the Light Beings of Source guidance, she is a realm reader of the highest order and creates content based upon the truth of light and the joyful reactivation of the earth codes that are here to assist in the ascension process. It is without doubt that our earth is about to change frequencies and Lauren is here to make the change within herself and include the ideology of these concepts to imagine a future that is created by the wealth and abundance of our heart’s desire’s to manifest in full form the divinity of our earth realm and the truth of light as it relates to the manifestation of goal oriented energy to build an infrastructure based upon the truths of existence rather than the fear based beliefs of the old paradigm of lack.