So, one lesson that repeatedly encourages me to do the work of my heart is that the joyful communication I receive from Spirit is always going to bring uplifting messages regardless of the energy I am in and they always align to the truth of who I am. When I give readings it is done in the same way, sessions, coaching and readings should align to the person’s highest and greatest truth for THEM, which brings them compassion, authority based on who and what it is they are here to do and how it is they want to do it, and also what is it they are affirming in their life and how they can remove the energy of fear and lack to get on the path of their authentic self expression.
No matter what the cycle of change that we are always in, it begins and ends with an intention that allows us to follow the inclination to take action. The action I have taken today to just begin writing and spreading the joy of my classes, readings, and more has made me feel hopeful about my business income and the energy of light that I reveal as a result. Both which contribute to society, the world, and to the bottom line that makes me successful in material energy as well as the energy of being a lightworker.
If I cannot be proud of who I am or what I do how is it that I could reveal the energy of light, love, and truth that accompanies me on this spiritual journey? How can I be the one that allows peaceful interaction if I don’t open up my keys to living an authentic life? How could it be that I sit alone in the dark and fretting about life without the call of the higher self urging me on to something better?
The allowance of this work to be authentically involved in everything I do makes me a better person not only because I align with my values in a very LIVED and embodied way but because by doing so I am able to increase the substance by which we live, the energy of love! It can be said that the artifice of living a spiritual life is escapism and the same could be said of those who live by money or work alone as well. The only thing that keeps us true to ourselves is the uncovering of the values by which we seek to portray a happy and healthy life according to the energy of love.
Make sure that you are becoming that which you seek to receive by living in the authentic truth of who and what it is you are. The ‘authentic’ patronizing of people to say “you are not being real” if they do not understand you and therefore want you to behave in a way that makes them comfortable is a judgement based in fear that someone else’s energy can affect the person who is wanting everyone else to be truthful, but it can’t. No one can expect the world according to them to be the reality that they live in due to the fact that freedom to choose how we expend our energy and how we receive the world around us is the authentic way that everyone is living in the moment.
If there is a question of authority on what is authentic and what isn’t it will be the person who is reviewing their own energy and determining whether or not it means something to them or whether or not they feel that they are moving away from the values that they seek to be true in the world.
So you see, to determine the energy of what is authentically held to your own values and what isn’t you must ask yourself the question of, is it true that I am the energy of this value or is it that I want to become the energy of this value but I am not yet expressing it? You can figure out which values seem true to you by the way they get expressed by you and you can then go into the feeling that not only do your values matter to you more than others but that the values you may have for yourself may not always match the ones that you thought were needed for you to be accepted by others.
Values that align with authenticity will always feel true to you and will also feel like they match the energy of who you are when you express them. Once again, if the value itself is based outside of the truth of who you are it won’t feel good to express it, even if it feels powerful or more “true” based on what other people say is true for you. Remember this and you will find that the authenticity of your own values will shine rather simply and easily without the delay of thinking twice about how other people will receive you.