Manifestation at its highest will come from the feeling of joy, and appreciation creates MORE of what you enjoy. Read on to find out how.

How to receive, how to build upon what you receive, and how to create more of it through appreciation and joy is the best way to manifest anything. You can receive all that is created for you and all that is abundant within you at any moment. Anything you choose can be created in the moment you choose it. In each moment there is more to be had, because any time you are in one moment of joy the next moment brings the light of that joy into your conscious awareness and if you could continue to focus upon it you would reveal even more joy. There is the creative aspect of having all that you desire in the moment you desire it, because as it shows up in your awareness, it received energetically. Therefore you have the vibration of many things in your awareness at once.  But if all of those things were to create themselves at the moment they were born into your awareness then you would become a commitment-phobe to what it was you wanted because nothing would seem to have value. If you could have everything all at once there would be nothing left to strive for. 

So in order to create from the abundant nature of your universe, the patience it takes to commit to something and make it happen means that there is available energy to you to make it happen, it just takes time to make it happen.  How much time depends on the commitment to it.  The feeling of having too many things going on (manifesting) at once could often go south though.  If you choose to have too many projects or too many information routes to the same thing you would wind up becoming overwhelmed and confused and thrown off track to the original purpose of what it is that you desired.  But if you could create the momentum enough to allow the feeling to flow from you, and create enough of that feeling to create the avalanche of its momentum forward, then you would build upon the very nature of what you were creating before and allow it to build up speed and take over. 

The appearance of things in your life do not need forced connection to them but they do need the COMMITMENT of love and light that it takes to create the feeling long enough for the law of attraction to bring them to you at your doorstep without much effort.  The only thing you need in advance is the asking of the delivery, the delivery shows up when you are ready to receive it, not by your asking alone, but by the relationship of joy that you have for it. And by the relationship of joy you could be making a massive amount of dollars in your bank account or you could account for the massive amount of dollars you have already made in the past and see yourself as abundant.  In other words, the moment you choose to give yourself a pat on the back for everything that you have created, is the moment that more comes to you. And in everything there is a moment of relaxation and a moment of pause and a moment to appreciate and in the moment of appreciation is where the energy of more comes in. 

However many of you have the following repeating situation of money going on. In the moment of more coming in, you choose to halt the production of more by being really satisfied with where you are and sustaining that amount of money which would be fine, OR you start feeling the lack of the money you don’t have and then you BECOME the feeling of negative emotion about money. If you could create the feeling of abundance in the asking of MORE of it then vibrationally you receive more even in the lack of it. Many of you have crawled out of holes of lack of money just to go back into them almost as soon as you received the money you were asking for because you choose a fear based awareness of what it is you feel you are lacking.  When you go into panic when money runs out or gets low, in your panic you often become the exact opposite of feeling the lack, you become the strong wanting of what it is you need.  And in the need of something you find a strong desire for it.  In the strong desire you find yourself asking for a lot of money, you find yourself asking for mass amounts of money, and as soon as you start to receive it you feel relief for a moment and then begin the worry of not enough and the feeling of lack about what you have becomes the stronger vibration again.  Once again the panic sets in and you choose to feel the energy of lack about it.  But if you could just concentrate on the appreciation of what happens every time you feel the lack of something that you become so desperate to get out of, and then you find a way that creates enough money to keep you from going broke, however you define that word, then you could choose to see the abundant nature of what it is you are creating.  You could choose to see the awareness that nothing is ever in lack when you are asking for it from the pure desire of it.  The pure manic desire of it for some of you, but always the desire must be stronger than the lack based mentality about it.  And if you could hold onto the desire for a little longer, you could create an abundance of money in a short amount of time.  And that is how the allowance of money gets created. 

But in the allowance of more JOY you become abundant in everything, and the money is the by-product of that joy, not the direct result of it. The energy of joy allows for more abundance in everything you are doing, and if you are doing something that requires money, like living expenses and just living in general, then you are going to get the exact amount of money you need to create the abundant nature of what it is you enjoy.  To keep creating more then have great appreciation for what it is you like to do, and then you become the awareness of it through the action based connection to it, and then become the feeling of loving it while you do it, and then become the gratitude of it even when you are not in the doing of it, and then see that all that is done is all that was created by the feeling of your desire and the doubled amount of joy and appreciation you have for it.  And that is where the increase comes from.  Knowing that the increase in awareness of joy and gratitude is the best place to create MORE from, more joy and more abundance and more money and more happiness, is in the desire, the appreciation, the doing, the more appreciation, the doing, and the receiving of what it is you desire.  

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