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Soulful Transformations is how I view our evolution here on earth. When we tap into Soul we use our experiences and joy to manifest a new world that we get to be a part of. 


Hi, my name is Lauren Antuofermo and I help you create healthy awareness of Divine Source and loving energy that resides within your Akashic records so you can live in accordance with the love of who you are and correct imbalances in your karmic ties.

My own story of becoming a psychic and interpreting the Akashic Records for people happened quite suddenly for me. Over 10 years ago I started to question my religious and spiritual beliefs, and came out of the closet as a gay woman living in the deep South with 2 young children and had my first spiritual awakening. 

Mediumship and other psychic skills that came to me once I began to meditate and open my third eye. I had to face the facts that my childhood memories and experiences were somewhat mystical. Rather than just a girl pretending she had a friend in Spirit she was actually speaking to her childhood Spirit Guide! That is when I became a channel for the Divine and wanted to reach out to others to share my knowledge of what I have learned. 


At first I felt that I couldn’t explain to everyone just what I was experiencing. Both mentally and emotionally I was transforming my whole life. I went from being a speaker about fitness to a teacher about metaphysics in just 2 years! 

I learned to contend with some of my most painful memories and invite compassion into each one while also relaying the information that love is the answer to all things.  I had to learn to accept myself and the interconnectedness of all beings in order to become a divine channel that was operating for the good of all mankind, not just for my own wealth and urgency to succeed at life.

Where compassion is, trust is found, and I am a believer that compassion heals almost all wounds and that light is the pathway of the heart. Now I am proud to create my life according to my divine design and I am here to help you with yours.

Divinely guided by peace in the now moment and love for what is happening in the world, part of my mission is to introduce you to the Akashic Records and honor the soul path that you chose to lean on for guidance and love in this incarnation. 

My power is to learn from you what you need and to guide you through it with love for who you are. The result is that you are free from the burden of your lack based beliefs about who you are and the choices you make are from your own intuitive heart chakra that opens and reveals the truth of who you are today. 


A life of freedom, clarity, compassion for who you are and love for what drives your actions is the best outcome I can promise you, and once you are in THAT state of mind, body, and soul then you are bound to the highest good of all. 


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Go to my blog and listen to how I teach these concepts and if you are ready right now to stop the energy of fear and commit yourself to thinking about yourself in positive terms then book with me now.  

Lauren Antuofermo is a Spiritual Life Coach and Channel

She believes that the healthy awareness of Divine Design is a part of her own spiritual growth and uses the intricacies of emotional well being and spiritual law to help others grow into their true potential in this lifetime. 

Aside from that, Lauren is a mom, wife and U.S.A.F. Reserve Command United States Air Force veteran who traded in her uniform in 2005 to earn her Masters in exercise physiology and fitness! With her M.S. in Exercise Physiologist she was promoted as the Fitness and Health Program Expert for the U.S Air Force Reserve Command allowing her to serve thousands both on an individual basis as well as in groups. Lauren became a public speaker and teacher on the topics of health and wellness, stress reduction, weight loss and more.

During her journey to help others achieve optimal health and wellness Lauren began her own spiritual awakening. “A New Earth” by Eckart Tolle inspired her to tap into her unique intuitive gifts, while Esther Hicks inspired her to channel from the spirit realm! Connected to spirit guides and the angelic realm Lauren’s ability to channel Angels and Light Beings and relay their guidance and information has helped her clients attain a higher vibration and state of wellness. Through her personalized coaching and lightwork Lauren is able to help equip her clients with the skills, tools, and knowledge to discover their unique path, heal past traumas, break free of disempowering patterns, and learn to live in the here and now with joy, compassion, abundance, self-love, and love for mankind!

In her words:

“Many people have the call to serve and I believe I am on my own unique path for that purpose”

Lauren has been a guest on several podcasts. Here are a few- Charmed Life podcast about being an Empath , Akashic Records on Becoming Divine  podcast, and all about the Divine path of Astrology with Megan’s Mystical Mashup

In addition, she’s had the unique privilege of being a speaker at local events, as well as large international conventions on topics such as health, fitness, and the Law of Attraction. She has been asked to give workshops at several online and in person retreats, including her own coming up in September 2021! She has given courses and classes on the Body of Light, Archetypal wisdom from the Akashic Records and Astrology as well as Spiritual Business and Entrepreneurship, Channeling, and more. 

In her goals to further and deepen her spiritual development Lauren has obtained education and professional certifications including an M.S. in Exercise Science, Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach, and is a certified in Intuitive/Psychic Development, Akashic Record readings, Mediumship, Crystal Healing, and is a Reiki Master Instructor. In addition to working with mentors, teachers, and lightworkers, Lauren also learned from amazing coaches such as Sheelagh Maria and Crystal Anne Compton, astrologer Jon Hassinger. 

To learn more about how to work with Lauren one on one please click here.

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Working with Lauren Antuofermo as a coach is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. There so much she assisted me with it’s difficult to put into words. In fact, I’m still learning from our meetings even months later. Lauren, works exclusively from a place of Love, Light and Compassion (and she’s funny too!). She creates a safe space to express, learn and grow – it’s a beautiful thing to experience and aspire to. I so deeply appreciate her wisdom and divine connection, she forever has a special place in my heart. If you’re drawn to Lauren, there’s good reason. I could not recommend her enough, she’s amazing! Thank you, Lauren!


I am so grateful to have been guided to Lauren almost a year ago. Her teachings on love & compassion continue to elevate my life in ways I never could have imagined. I always feel so much more in alignment with my energy & guides after a one on one session with her. I also just completed Body of Light II with her & an amazing group of beautiful people. I honestly could not imagine being who & where I am in my life without speaking the truth of my heart & following my inner guidance. Lauren is a beautiful light & has an amazing & loving heart. I could not recommend anyone more highly to help guide you to love yourself more. ?



Established Motivational and Educational Speaker on Fitness, Wellness, and Human Resource Management for the Air Force Reserve Command


Retreat and Workshop Speaker and Guest


Creator of the Divine Design Programs. Including Divine Design Astrology (A Map to Your Inner Guidance), The Body of Love (Treating the Body with Light and receiving Weight Loss without shame or fear), The Body of Light Program (Learning how to heal the lower 3 chakras and using higher dimensions for creative evaluation of what one’s purpose in life is), the Body of Design (Designing your life using the creative force in your highest good), and the Divine Design Akashic Records Couse (How to use the Akash to understand your timelines and more). 


Akashic Record Certified reader


Archetypal Astrology and numerous other archetypal development programs currently in release


Situational Astrology Reports delivered weekly in her podcast "The Astrolosphere".


Reiki Master and Energy Attunement Master for healing and orchestrating the body’s health and well being with the 7 Divine Rays of Creation

Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?