To those that identify as an Empath. Please understand that regardless of the many opinion pieces on the internet about your abilities, you are not a victim to people’s emotional energy. Too many times we take the energy we feel and we associate it with the energy of who we are. Meaning, we try to take something that is a neutral form of emotion to our energy field and make it about how it relates to us in order to extract or perceive information from the outside world and determine how we should behave within it.

Empathic gifts do not mean you can spot a liar from a mile away, it means you can communicate empathy when someone is so caught up in their fears that they feel the only way to be accepted or to protect themselves from rejection or harm is to lie. Compassion holds these people in understanding, not in feeling the victim of the lie. But as the communicator that lies are not acceptable to you as a human being, just reverse the situation and be completely honest with what you are feeling. If you find you can’t then just retreat to another human being that you feel comfortable with being completely honest to and from then react with pure joy.
For the knowing that you have as Light-worker with empathic abilities, isn’t about the world and it’s reaction to you, but more about the honesty that comes when you interpret people’s reactions and are able to discern information that can be useful or not. Either way the emotional energy you feel from others has less to do with you than you often think. It’s entirely up to you how to interpret it, but most of the warnings about people you feel around you are about the energy they are feeling about themselves. Being an empath is not about the work of fortitude to be on the lookout for fearful humans out to get you, but it’s about being balanced in the knowing that everyone has their aspects of fear and frustration and when you can view others from this perspective you can also give them the benefit of the doubt which almost 100 percent of the time gives them the chance to be the higher version of themselves around you.
If it doesn’t work then you are aware of the kind of energy they are in and you can confidently choose to be around them or not. The worries about someone infecting you with their negativity, aggression, or lies is not something you as a light-worker should feel bad or guilty about. But instead, try to vibrate to the frequency of the higher energy of everyone you come in contact with, and give them a chance to raise to the vibration you are offering. If they do not then it isn’t a bad person that crossed your path, but someone who doesn’t understand how to communicate love for themselves.
In this world there are many people to choose from and the alignment of those that do not feel good to you or would be aggressive against you, even in the light of your energetic influence, are not only apart from their higher energy in love from themselves, but require time and experience to move into the higher frequency of their loving guidance and joyful expression of who they truly are. Forgive nothing, but let go of the drama associated with the empathic view that all you do is pick up on the negation of people around you. Feel good about the knowledge your empathic gifts bring to your life, and forget about breaking bread with those who would harm you. Choose to vibrate joy and all the world celebrates with you. Thank you and good day!

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