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 You have a Divine Design and it wants to work for your highest good. 

Your soul is already asking to keep your highest and greatest good at the forefront of your mind. But when fears and rejection of self love and compassion keep you from feeling the guidance of your heart, life can feel like it’s spinning out of control. As I energy worker I notice patterns in the energy field of people who are healthier and manifesting, their heart light is tuned in and turned on to their higher outcomes. When fear and pain is blocking the acceptance of the heart’s design there is love for others but not a lot of trust in the universe to support YOU.

I offer heart based intuitive services and classes both online and at my office in Warner Robins GA at the Angelic Energy Healing Center. I believe that Spirit enjoys the process of helping us to balance our lifestyle with creativity, joy, and abundance while healing any fears or blocks that keep us from learning and growing with love for who we are.  

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You are an extension of Source energy and a  creator with a Divine Design. It is possible and even necessary for you to follow your heart’s guidance and open to the power of creativity and abundance in your life.


Living with purpose and creating your life by design means showing up as you are and receiving the next best choice for you


I believe that clarity for our highest and greatest good comes with each intuitive choice that we make. When we are choosing from fear we tend to get lost in the muck of life and repeating our now moment from anxiety rather than choosing what is there for us today.

Divinely guided by peace in the now moment and love for what is happening in the world, part of my mission is to introduce you to the Akashic Records and honor the soul path that you chose to lean on for guidance and love in this incarnation.  

A life of freedom, clarity, compassion for who you are and love for what drives your actions is the best outcome I can promise you, and once you are in THAT state of mind, body, and soul then you are bound to the highest good of all. 


Hi, I’m Lauren Antuofermo

I am an Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Coach and Creator of Divine Design Academy.

“My abilities are designed to help guide, nourish, and feed your soul with the right answers. I am here to help guide you to the ones that your heart is screaming to be allowed to express.

Through her deep knowledge and study of Astrology and the Akashic Records, Lauren shares the wisdom, techniques, and life lessons that help us traverse the spiritual plane with love and joy for who we are. Her connection to the Spirit realm and interpretation of the wisdom of the Akash helps her to guide and teach others how to access our own intuitive process and give readings from the heart. 

Described as a creative and caring teacher, Lauren has created a small group of women that use her teachings to help perform readings and healings that are co-creative with the Divine Will of the Akashic Records.  Her Divine Design Academy helps to evolve others on their path by giving free readings and teachings that help evolve the soul from the ground up.   

Spirit Centered Mentoring and Intuitive Readings

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