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Want to learn what your higher self has in store for you? 

When you take a course or work with me one-on-one you will learn how to tap into your soul’s guidance and reveal what your heart is ready to receive. I offer heart based intuitive services with a twist of spiritual coaching so you can take your choices and turn them into the manifested dreams that honor your heart’s truth. Spiritually speaking we all have our own intuition and when you are unclear or your fear is in the way i will help bring you the clarity, confidence, and compassion that will drive your decisions from the heart of who you TRULY are and not the fear or panic that a wrong decision will drive you off your path. 


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Living with purpose means showing up as you are and receiving the next best choice for you


Your physical and emotional body need just as much attention and compassion as your spiritual journey does and I am here to help you discover how to do that with less fear and the power of comprehending your goals and desires from a position of empowerment instead of a position of lack.  


You have a natural God given right to be heard, seen, and loved for who you are, not for what you can prove yourself worthy of. Your only requirement is that you see and know that within your own identity first. Through clarity, compassion, and joy for the solution and the creative process you can align yourself with love and trust in your heart to get there.


It is hard to understand love of self when our emotions are negatively and falsely accused of being the problem. We ignore the state of our emotions and we criticize ourselves for being sad, lonely, upset, angry, overly empathic, or just frustrated with life. The answers seem to be everything we are not doing “right” and we have to fix ourselves in order to deserve wellbeing.


But this is not the way our guidance system works. As someone who took on the emotional rollercoaster of overactive empathy, self criticism, and failure to see myself worthy of God’s love I understand how this can harm our sense of love for ourselves. I thought pain and suffering was a way to earn compassion for what we are ashamed of. Until I recognized the false patterns of thinking I didn’t allow myself to receive the love and solutions that could be offered to me.


I understand why you may feel that the spiritual and personal journey is all about finding what is wrong with you and fixing it in order to be healthy. But I am here to tell you that it’s not true. Your emotions are the one thing telling you that there is a problem.

The skill of being able to interpret these emotions with love and compassion instead of self blame and criticism balances the heart and the mind and allows us to receive the energy of the solution.  

I can help you by bringing these skills to the table while you situate your attention on receiving the loving guidance and clarity that the Archangels and their energy can assist you with.


Hi, I’m Lauren Antuofermo

I am an Archangel Realm reader, healer, and channel.

I will assist you to know your Divine truth and help you to acknowledge the very simple idea that you are here in this world to receive the things that help you out of the patterns of pain and allow you to create something new and wonderful in its place.

Your Soul’s truth and guidance comes through the heart, and you are here to follow it. I can help you receive that guidance with love, clarity, and joy for who you are.

Through her deep knowledge and study of Astrology and the Akashic Records, Lauren uses her gifts of attunements and powerful interpretation of the records and the archetypes of astrology to teach how our physical lives have purpose and meaning and educate others on using their intuitive process to follow their own path.

Both a creative and powerful teacher Lauren has performed many Archangel Attunements, manifested an online business that teaches hundreds of students per year on the power of the body, mind, spirit connection, and how to receive the alignment of our true Source energy through clarity, compassion, and joy for the manifestation process.

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Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?